Monday, January 18, 2010

What Have We Become?

When assholes like Rush Limbaugh say things like;

"We already gave to Haiti, its called income tax."

I understand he is a race baiting scum and its just Rush, being Rush.

Then we get comments from Pat Robertson, saying the nation made a deal with the Devil. Insinuating that there suffering is somehow deserved. Mr. Robertson I'm sure was trying to make a point, but his mental facilities are obviously deteriorating.

But I read an article from David Brooks today of the New York Times called The Underlying Tragedy. WTF? this article has merits, but should it be written today? or yesterday? or in the next six months? probably not.

Brooks again blames the victims. His essay is full of quotes from economists and scholars basically saying that intervention in this part of the world or any developing country can't be predicted, so trying is basically futile.

Reminding myself of a Bobby Knight quote, from way back.

April 25, 1988: During an NBC interview with Connie Chung on the subject of stress, Knight utters the now-infamous quote: "I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it." The remark triggers a protest march of about 300 people on the Indiana campus.

Hey David, they are still counting the fucking dead over there. Can you save the Monday morning quarterbacking until after the dead have been buried? Or the orphans have been placed? Or the stink subsides?

There is a sort of movement by some on the right to try to politicize this tragedy, making claims that aide should not go to Haiti like Limbaugh believes, or just a weird faction of people who need to voice their opposition towards the way the country has been run in the past. Almost foreshadowing their opposition to any sort of further help once the mess is cleaned up. there is a time and place for this discussion but now is not the time.

Matt Taibbi's translation of the Brooks article is classic, and well worth the read.

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