Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Zero to Fox News Hero and Back Again.

The Most Trusted Name in News is oddly silent, since their golden boy James O'Keefe was arrested for possibly trying to bug the offices of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

You may remember O'Keefe as the guy who dressed like a pimp, and tried to pull a sting operation, on Acorn offices in a number of cities. Fox News embraced the childish stunt as some sort of revolutionary new form of investigative journalism. But anybody who has seen the video can tell that it was sophomoric at best. However, that didn't stop 31 GOP congressman to try to pass a bill praising the actions of O'Keefe.

With that said O'Keefe tried another "under cover" stunt a couple of days ago and was arrested.

Click here for the story thus far.

Below is Fox News lack luster reporting on the story of their fallen American hero.

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