Friday, January 29, 2010

The GDP Grows by 5.7% on the day Obama takes on The GOP

According to many in the Republican party the stimulus has been a colossal failure. But the simple chart to right, and GDP growth says otherwise.

Every economist who is worth his salt will tell you that Government spending is imperative if an economy is going to come out of a recession in a timely manner.

But telling a nation who is out of a job, and hurting, that their Government needs to spend billions of dollars to get its economy going again, is hard to swallow. But it is still fact, nonetheless.

But the political game will continue to prey upon the people who do not understand such complex issues, as economic policy. And the GOP has been taking advantage of this complexity to create a divide within our country.

This is nothing new in politics, but this approach is disingenuous to say the least.

President Obama met with the GOP today at their annual retreat, and frankly answered some tough questions, and in my opinion did so astutely.

If you love politics, and hate the way the GOP has been framing the current political landscape, you must watch President Obama take on the GOP at their retreat. It is must see TV.

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