Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Thoughts About The SOTU.

I was very concerned on how President Obama would address our energy situation, and the cap and trade fight ahead. I was very impressed with how he linked economic success with that of an new renewable energy economy.

I strongly believe our future economy hinges on actually producing, and innovating, energy technology, instead of creating wealth with investment bubbles, that grow our economy through artificial means, and eventually burst. Causing more pain to the middle class then the upper class, who create these mechanisms.

Energy has a real chance of getting some bi-partisan support for a change. Lindsey Graham said this today.

"The idea of not pricing carbon, in my view, means you're not serious about energy independence. The odd thing is you'll never have energy independence until you clean up the air, and you'll never clean up the air until you price carbon." entire article

It seems to me that Lindsey Graham gets that our long term economic success, largely depends on our nations ability to manufacture and innovate products, instead of making risky investment products from things like home mortgages.

But judging by their sophomoric response, the GOP would rather have Wall Street and the Banking sector think of new ways to increase our economic growth, risk be damned.

When you listen to the response on the video below, don't decide if you believe in Global Climate Change, think about the rest of the World that does, and the size of the Clean Energy Market that will be lost if we do nothing in terms of energy innovation.

It is obvious that the GOP believes the short sided science of Big Oil, Gas, and Coal, who pay for their own studies, and Senators to endorse their backward science, much like many of them did for Phillip Morris some years ago.

So when you hear them laugh at peer reviewed science, they are not only laughing off Global Climate Change Science, they are possibly laughing off our economic long term future.

Well, it is obvious a majority of the GOP doubt climate science, but they were also vocal on a number of other things during the SOTU.

They only clapped for Nuclear, and Off Shore drilling when talking about energy.

When asked for their GOP Health Care input Senator Boehner raised his hand like a fourth grader in response to the Presidents question. But does the Senator remember the GOP Health Care plan? You know the one that would leave 52 million non-elderly Americans uninsured by 2019 and over 50 million in 2010. That is some plan.

And of course, they clamoured at the mention of closing Guantanamo. But the party that believes in torture took that a step further today when Liz Cheaney and her minions put together the advertisement below.

I can't believe I used to be a Republican, the big tent party of ideas under Reagan, has been reduced to a small group of deniers. They deny torture, they deny science, they deny health care, and soon they will deny bank reform, and most will deny energy independence.

Long live the party of No.

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