Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson blame the victim.

After you listen to the comments from the fat man, you will want to help the Haitian People during their time of need.

To Give to the Relief Efforts

Clip #1

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the Fat Man proceeds to tell us what an awful place Haiti is.

As if their place in society should matter when helping a group in need.


The Fat Man then suggests that the only reason The Obama Administration is going to help the Haitian people, is to gain "Street Cred." with African Americans. Really, in the past election 98% of the African American Community voted for Obama.

On a side note.

I'm sure Liz Cheney will denounce Limbaugh's tone as racist, fat chance.


If you ever had any doubt that Rush Limbaugh was a racist bigot, this clip should make it clear. After is conspiracy rant, at about the 47 second mark, he shows his true colors.

He actually encourages people to not give to the devastated nation.

I have never had more disgust for this worthless human stain then I have today. The politicizing of this tragedy is sickening.


Well this clip speaks for itself?

To Give to The Relief Efforts


  1. I just sent some cash to the Red Cross and I sent my e-donation card to Rush Limbaugh.


  2. I am usually a Rush fan but this is a little over the top. He better let this go.