Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If the Senate was a Football Team.

As many of my friends and family know, almost everything one way or another reverts back to sports in my life.

And when I see the U.S. Senate and politicians in general, whine and cry and filibuster, it just makes my stomach turn.

It makes me wonder what things would be like if Knute Rockne were president. Can you imagine the State of the Union?

I guess what I'm trying to say is maybe a little locker room talk would wake the nation politically. I mean shit, Scott Brown, posed nude, drove a pick up truck, and yelled cut taxes and he won.

What if Obama framed Health Care something like this at the State of the Union.

Before we throw in the Health Care towel, listen to me now.

To Congress:

You work for the people, not the people who give you the most money.

Not a soul in this nation, thinks we do not need Health Care Reform.
Not a Soul!

Yet we continue to act like a bunch of spoiled children, trying to show the new guy who's boss. Well I'm not your boss.

The people you are denying affordable Health Care are.

Let me paint you a picture of my first year in office.

My first year was like a new head coach, taking over a big time college football program.

Lets call this team the Senators.

I have a roster of 100 men and women, and 40 of them used to be starters on this team. They started on a team that went 1-15 in 8 years. A team I used to play for.

The one win came after 9-11, when we came together and rallied as a nation, as a team. But that win was short lived, we quickly reverted back to our "me first" attitude, resulting in a 8 year drought that directly led to my hiring.

Suddenly the 40 starters on that 1-15 team are now relegated to the bench and practice squad, but still vitally important to the success of the team.

Those 40 now 41 players are angry, and more importantly resolute in their stance that they should be starters, although there on the field performance said otherwise.

They are determined to filibuster the teams progress, furthering their personal gain, while trying to retain that starting spot. Thus letting down their teammates, and the students and faculty of the college, not to mention the thousands of loyal fans who count on the team to work together.

Senators, are you on this team? Do you work for the people? Do you see the need for Health Care Reform?

Or do I need to revert back to politics as usual and parade out a number of people who can't afford Health Care? Or are bankrupt because of no coverage?

Do I really need to do that? Do I need to show you the cost of doing nothing?

I am asking the 40 players to join this team, and fight for the American people. Do your job and put together a Health Reform Bill that I can sign and that will allow our nation to prosper now and in the future. Come to the table and put your ideas to the test, and stand for something besides party.

Stand for the people.

Now go out there and save 18,000 to 45,000 lives a year.

Maybe a little Belushi can inspire those Congressional A-holes to do something right.

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