Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dead on Arrival

With the historic victory by Scott Brown in the special election in Massachusetts. The GOP now has its 41st vote in the Senate.

Although far for any type of majority, the GOP can complete their goal of stopping Health Care Reform with a filibuster.

But not only that, I'm sure the conservative Democrats in the senate have heard the other foot drop, and are re-thinking any thing to do with Health Care.

That being said, if the Obama administration allows the Health Care Bill passed by the Senate, go through conference and return to said Senate for another vote, I guarantee that bill is Dead on Arrival. There are simply to many conservative Democrats who will be thinking about job security, instead of falling on the sword for the American people without health care.

The only way for Health Reform to pass this year or in the next generation for that matter, is for the House to pass the already approved Senate Bill as is.

Does Nancy Pelosi and the Obama White house have the pull to make this happen?

Judging by the management skills I have seen in the last month regarding the Massachusetts special election, I will not hold my breath. But I truly hope so, because I really believe it is in the best interest of our country.

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