Tuesday, January 5, 2010

China taking Dr. Evil like steps to Control Climate.

I was reading an article about a snowstorm in China, one that the Government was blaming on Global Climate Change. It reported.

The head of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, Guo Hu, linked the blizzard-like conditions this week to unusual atmospheric patterns caused by global warming.

In the context of global warming, extreme atmospheric flows are causing extreme climate incidents to appear more frequently, such as the summer’s rain storms and last year’s icestorm disaster in southern China,” Mr Guo told Beijing News.

You may say Duh. But then the article continued in a direction I was not prepared for.

Did you know the Chinese Government took credit for the first snowfall of last year? Yep, they apparently shot the chemical Silver Iodide into the atmosphere in an attempt to produce precipitation. Is it me or does that sound outrageous? I can see it now, premiere Hu Jintao of China on a World Wide Broadcast. "you too can have it rain, for one milllllion dollars!"

Entire Climate Article:

Reuters Report below: Feb 19, 2009

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