Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living in the Past

I read this article from NPR the other day.

As I approach the age of 40, my head tells me I can still run a 5 minute mile, but my body tells another story.

I'm starting to think our nation is on a similar path. We just assume we have the best of everything because we are America, home of the free and all that jazz. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasing obvious I cannot dunk a basketball any longer, because my bones are getting old. In America, our roads, bridges, airports, train stations, trains, are not what they used to be and in some cases are showing signs of a heart attack.

It is time for some Nation Building.

The Governator understands our need for a renewed focus at home.

Boston to New York
300 km 3hrs

Wuhan City to Guangzhou
1100 km 3hrs

did I mention only $100 dollars for first class ticket.

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