Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Perspective on MLK Day.

Although the Civil Rights Era has ended, our nation still struggles with the issue of race. But this does not lessen the distance our nation has come within the context of race.

Today our nation faces another divide that seems to grow by the day, and that divide is the partisan split within our political environment. This game for some, is becoming a detriment to our society. Everyone on Capital Hill knows we need Health Care Reform and yet job security and partisan divides carry the day. We as a nation need to apply the words of MLK and put aside differences for the greater good.

President Obama spoke at the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church on Sunday, in remembrance of Dr. Kings vision, a vision that we should apply not only to our nations racial divide, but our nations political divide as well. A couple things that struck me. First, this man still has a solid perspective of what the core issues facing America are, and Second, he certainly doesn't sound like a Muslim, or Muslim sympathizer, or a man without a God.

If you are the person who believes the fox news, or tea party perspective of who Obama is, why don't you listen to his perspective in his words.

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