Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Boston Tea Party

Health Care Reform is likely to take a huge hit this evening, barring a hail mary from the democratic political machine in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown is on the verge of a monumental upset over the democratic candidate Martha Coakley.

The GOP and tea party supporters have rallied the anti-government crowd to just say no, and in turn have backed the status quo.

I personally wish I could shake every one of them and say.

I know you hate bailouts, and stimulus, and debt. But do you know why we have these issues? The Housing Bubble Burst. A bubble that was blown up over the last ten years and exploded during the election of Barack Obama. A bubble that you tea party hacks contributed to, a bubble that was a systemic failure of Americas Business World and Americans alike, we were all looking for the quick buck.

Now, we want someone to blame. So we will blame the guy in office or the policies he is trying to implement, that are actually very bi-partisan in nature, but will never be seen that way because of partisan divide. Our system is strange at times but that's the game. So maybe a congrats should be shouted to the Limbaughs, Becks, and Hannity's of the world, for possibly defeating health care and their arch nemesis Barack Obama.

But if the GOP goal is simply to win, not to reform a wrong, or fix a problem. What does a GOP win give us?

The Status Quo

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