Monday, January 4, 2010

A Sign of Weakness.

The United States and Great Britain decided to close their embassy's in Yemen on Sunday. But before the last light was turned off, the ever smug Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, declared it not only a win for Al-Qaeda, but a sign of our National weakness. Again, politicizing the War on Terror. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't the GOP supposed to be strong on terror? Was it not the same GOP that for years has said we need to be united against the terrorists threats overseas? What has changed? Of course we all know the answer. But the one thing that has not changed is the Terror adviser to The President. John Brennen has worked for the past five administrations and said he would not work for this President if he wasn't committed to success against Al-Qaeda. (see Meet the Press clip of Brennen) Good enough for me. and he was good enough for Kristol under Bush.

Today I guess the Nations of France, Germany, and Japan, have also given Al-Qaeda 3 more wins, by showing their collective weakness. Because they have closed their embassy doors as well, because of the threats of attack. Will Kristol speak out on their collective cowardliness? Doubtful, and he sure as hell won't apologize for his idiotic statement on Sunday. Lets just give thanks that this guy doesn't make any policy whatsoever.

(Kristol's brilliant revelation comes at about the 1:38 mark in the video)

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