Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Consequence of No.

As some in our nation allow the likes of James Inhofe , and Fox News, to form their opinion on Global Climate Change, Scholars at MIT and other institutes of higher learning have revised some long term climate models, showing the consequences of doing nothing.

The results are very sobering.

Paul Krugman talks about it today.

So I’m working on a climate-related project, and reading Marty Weitzman onextreme uncertainty (pdf). Weitzman directs us to the example of thePaleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum, when temperatures rose about 6 degrees C over 20,000 years, and there were mass extinctions.

Meanwhile, I know from Joe Romm that serious climate modelers have marked up their estimates lately, and are predicting a rise of more than 5 degrees under business as usual.


Look at the graph Krugman writes about. We are talking about almost 900 ppm of carbon, which could very easily raise temps by as much as 5 degrees C. Why on earth are we letting television talking heads, and paid for politicians like Inhofe, cloud the issue that has an overwhelming consensus by the scientific community, and the joint chiefs of staff of our military as well? When is the last time we had a conspiracy of our nations research universities? Like they have a horse in this race. Are you telling me the federal grants for studying Global Climate Change are so intoxicating that they love living in a tent in Greenland so much, that they are making up data to continue? Scientists are in competition constantly, and this competition to prove the other wrong in every other field of science, all of sudden doesn't apply to Global Climate Change?

Could we please use some common sense? If not on Climate Change, then how about National Security, or Energy Independence, or our Economy. They are all related, So lets buy some Global Climate Insurance for our children, and the world for the matter, and ratify a Clean Energy Strategy that helps mitigate the effect of greenhouse gasses.

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