Thursday, March 25, 2010

Should The Pope Resign?

Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Dish has written extensively about the scandal within The Catholic Church, including the Pope. What he wrote today was so very insightful I recommend everyone to give it a read.

Sullivan really gets to the heart of the problem, conjuring his own demons as a young gay teen, to explain his point of view.

Here is an excerpt from his post, Sin or Crime?

These men are too objectively disordered to run a church. They bask in self-denial, while they wage a culture war against gay men who have actually dealt with their sexuality, who have owned it, and celebrated it and even found ways to channel it into adult relationships and even civil marriage.

We all know this game is now over. The current Pope is now found directly responsible for two clear incidents of covering up or ignoring child abuse and rape. As head of the organization that took responsibility for investigating these cases for so long, his complicity in this vast and twisted criminal conspiracy is not in dispute. If he were the head of a secular organization, he would have already resigned and be cooperating with the police.

But he is the Vicar of Christ on earth.

It's hard to imagine a deeper crisis for the Catholic hierarchy than this. If the church is to survive - and it will because it is the vessel of eternal truth - it will have to go through a wrenching transformation.

Beginning with the resignation of this Pope and an end to priestly celibacy.

Give his post a read. He provides an insight to this issue that is very rarely given.

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