Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pass The Bill Already.

This isn't Rocket Science. TPM explains how the bill will be voted on.

TPM's John Marshall explains.

Before the bamboozlement gets too far, let's be clear about what the House is considering doing. There are two bills. The senate's original bill and the changes to that bill the House has now negotiated with the Senate. Normally, this is all hashed out in a conference committee. And it's all voted on in a single vote. In this case, that's not possible because of the continuing Republican filibuster in the Senate. So the House is considering taking both bills, consolidating them into a single vote, up or down. The old fashioned way. This isn't 'not having a vote'. And this has been done repeatedly before. Anybody who thinks these two bills shouldn't be passed simultaneously or thinks one or the other shouldn't pass has a simple solution. Vote no. Simple.

This isn't complicated. It's consolidating two votes into one.

All this while the wonderful Michele Malkin calls it the Slaughter House solution here.

Maybe its me but that sounds a little dramatic.

If you are of the Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin, Levin, ilk and think Deem and Pass is unconstitutional, it has been ruled upon in 2005. It's Legal.

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