Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fox News Even Believes The Health Care Rhetoric is Over The Top

Mr. Steele fails to admit that it was Rep. Boehner who was talking about Armageddon, not the people.

Armageddon, Seriously?

I love it.

Even O'Reilly talks about the Hysteria conjured by the right.

Watch it Bill, you may lose your time slot to Beck.

Now For Some Over The Top

This is classic Beck. The a-hole who makes 23 million a year, is calling this person a loser.

A reader writes in:

I do not understand how this bill will affect my family and me. I am a self-employed single mother. I cannot afford health care for myself and my children. I made $38,000 last year and I expect to make less than $35,000 this year. What does this health care reform mean for me? Will I be able to get coverage for my children and myself in this first year?

Not in the first year, necessarily. But when the bill goes into effect in 2014, your situation will change dramatically. Using the Kaiser Family Foundation's premium calculatorand a slightly stylized version of your situation (the calculator is not terribly flexible), here's what I can say:

First, you'll be buying insurance on the exchanges. That means no discrimination based on preexisting conditions, insurers who are being watched and regulated, lots of choices, and the buying power that comes from being part of a large risk pool rather than being on your own.

More specifically, your income would make you eligible for substantial subsidies. About $11,571 worth, to be precise (this is keyed to a family of four, I should say). The cap on your premium payments as a percentage of your income would be 4.4 percent. You'd be paying about $1,540 a year.

I guess that is Government Cheese. I guess this person doesn't deserve insurance because she has been priced out of the market. I guess she isn't working hard enough. This is exactly what idiots like Beck do not understand. It is the hard working person who has been either priced out of the individual market, can't get in the individual market because of pre-existing conditions or have been kicked out of the market because they have been dropped. Glenn Beck is trying to make it sound like a hand out, but he is dead wrong.

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