Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(Sept.) Douche Bag Award.....

I would like to thank the American Health Care Insurance Industry, for spending some of their billions in profits to provide the American people with a limp-dick quadruple-loophole infested political fart, known as the Senate Finance Committee Health Bill, brought to you by The Health Care Lobby, Max Baucus, and a choir of Congressional A-holes. You guys are good. You can change the subject from Health Reform to Socialism faster then Glen Beck can lose advertisers. But the real tragedy about this issue is that the Obama Administration didn't try to replace you Blood Sucking Douche Nozzles with a Single Payer, Medicare for All Program, or at least regulate your disgusting Industry like a Utility. Only in America is the Government more despised then an Industry that makes billions of dollars off the ill, an Industry that makes decisions based on profit, instead of human life. This Months Douche Bag Award goes to The Health Care Insurance Industry, and The CEO's who run them. They are Americas true "DEATH PANEL".

The numbers are numbing, which is why we should do something about this.

  • United Health Group
    CEO: William W McGuire
    2005: 124.8 mil
    5-year: 342 mil

  • Forest Labs
    CEO: Howard Solomon
    2005: 92.1 mil
    5-year: 295 mil

  • Caremark Rx
    CEO: Edwin M Crawford
    2005: 77.9 mil
    5-year: 93.6 mil

  • Abbott Lab
    CEO: Miles White
    2005: 26.2 mil
    5-year: 25.8 mil

  • Aetna
    CEO: John Rowe
    2005: 22.1 mil
    5-year:57.8 mil

  • Amgen
    CEO: Kevin Sharer
    2005:5.7 mil
    5-year:59.5 mil

  • Bectin-Dickinson
    CEO: Edwin Ludwig
    2005: 10 mil
    5-year:18 mil

  • Boston Scientific
    2005:38.1 mil
    5-year:45 mil

  • Cardinal Health
    CEO: James Tobin
    2005:1.1 mil
    5-year:33.5 mil

  • Cigna
    CEO: H. Edward Hanway
    2005:13.3 mil
    5-year:62.8 mil

  • Genzyme
    CEO: Henri Termeer
    2005: 19 mil
    5-year:60.7 mil

  • Humana
    CEO: Michael McAllister
    2005:2.3 mil
    5-year:12.9 mil

  • Johnson & Johnson
    CEO: William Weldon
    2005:6.1 mil
    5-year:19.7 mil

  • Laboratory Corp America
    CEO: Thomas MacMahon
    2005:7.9 mil
    5-year:41.8 mil

  • Eli Lilly
    CEO: Sidney Taurel
    2005:7.2 mil
    5-year:37.9 mil

  • McKesson
    CEO: John Hammergen
    2005: 13.4 mil
    5-year:31.2 mil

  • Medtronic
    CEO: Arthur Collins
    2005: 4.7 mil
    5-year:39 mil

  • Merck Raymond Gilmartin
    2005: 37.8 mil
    5-year:49.6 mil

  • PacifiCare Health
    CEO: Howard Phanstiel
    2005: 3.4 mil
    5-year: 8.5 mil

  • Pfizer
    CEO: Henry McKinnell
    2005: 14 mil
    5-year: 74 mil

  • Well Choice
    CEO: Michael Stocker
    2005: 3.2 mil
    5-year: 10.7 mil

  • WellPoint
    CEO: Larry Glasscock
    2005: 23 mil
    5-year: 46.8 mil

  • Wyeth
    CEO: Robert Essner
    2005:6.5 mil
    5-year: 28.9 mil

TOTAL 2005: 559.8 mil

TOTAL 5-Year: 14.9 billion

Click on the PSA Below:

Protect Insurance Companies PSA, featuring Will Ferrell

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