Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pro Football Players Use Their Heads, While Fans Have Heads Inserted In Ass.

Boston University medical school and The Universities Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy wants to better understand the long-term effects of repeated concussions. Enter Matt Birk, Lofa Tatupu and Sean Morey all NFL Football Players and respected ones at that. They have agreed to donate their brains after death to help further the study. This is a very selfless act by men who want to help understand an issue that affects many players later in life. It is sad that I had to stipulate “after death” because it seems that all to many players act like they have already donated their brain to science. Plaxico Burress the guy who shot himself in the leg at a New York City night club comes to mind, and we can’t forget Michael Vick who served time in Federal Prison for sponsoring and participating in a Dog Fighting Ring. Unfortunately the list goes on. With that being said, its nice to see a uplifting story coming out of the NFL that shows the camaraderie the leagues players have for each other, instead of the "me" first attitude we continue to read about. I believe Birk, Morey and Tatupu should be celebrated during a time where the NFL’s perception is closing in on the NBA’s “thug” reputation.

I Know Fan Is Short For Fanatic But Really?

Did anyone watch Monday night football this week? Well if you didn’t, why? Are you some sort of fruit? Anyway, Boston’s “Golden Boy” Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to victory by throwing 2 touchdown passes in the final 2 and 1/2 minutes of the game. But to make this happen the New England special teams forced a fumble by Leodis McKelvin kick returner for the Buffalo Bills after New England scored its first comeback TD. McKelvin who made a bone-head play running the kick out of the endzone with only 2 minutes left in the game. Compounded the problem by fumbling the ball faster then a “Tea bagger” could yell “Hitler” at an Obama rally. After that the rest was history, or was it? According to Hamburg Police in N.Y. McKelvin’s home was vandalized. So let me get this straight, dude drops ball so he gets his yard Toilet Papered or worse? Please don’t tell me were becoming Europe or God forbid South or Central America were their athletes are taken out like f-ing Sonny Corleone at the Toll Stop! Remember what happened to Donovan McNabbs house in Arizona last year? I think some dudes burned something in his front yard. No, not a cross. This isn’t the GOP National Convention or anything. But they took a Gas can and wrote something in his yard, with fire! This shit is getting dangerous and I personally can’t wait until someone gets caught by like....Richard Seymore who is pissed anyway because he got traded to the Oakland Raiders, which is the NFL’s Siberia, if he gets a hold of one of these knuckleheads well. Did you see that Movie Hancock? when Will Smiths character goes to jail and jams one inmates head in another inmates ass? And the Mexican dude watching yells ”Dios Mio!”.......Richard Seymore is big and strong enough to inflict some serious pain on someone with a helmet and pads. What would he do to an intruder? These players have families and friends to worry about, and personally I can’t wait until a player goes Zohan on one of these out of control fans and twists him into a pretzel. These are the Ramblings of a Stay at Home Dad.

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