Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sean Hannity is a Clown

I remember when I wrote this shit in March after watching The Hannity Show. I was going to write a book about that little Irish Bastard because I finally realized what a douche he really is....Check out what I wrote back then....

It is Monday March 23rd, 2009. I cant stop thinking about what a weasel Hannity is. The Market has just rose about 500 points and housing numbers were up 5%. But what is that little gnome bitching about now besides his usual we’re a Communist country, and Obama is breaking promises, and how Geitner needs to be fired because he is a tax cheat. The little Irish guy is giving me the definition of “punch drunk” because some reporter asked President Obama if he was punch drunk. Really Sean? are you not the guy who just a couple of weeks ago was leaning on every downturn in the market. Now the market is non existent. Could it be because it has been up for 10 of the last 12 sessions? Nope you are reporting the important news, like how Senator McCain did better then President Obama when picking winners during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Then you mention in passing how they both had 14 out of the Sweet Sixteen teams. Mr. Sean Patrick Hannity you my friend are a clown.

Why the word Clown? It just fits so well. Sometimes Clowns are funny like Bozo running around honking his horn. Sometimes Clowns are flat out scary, you know like Mr. Marbles from Seinfeld. Sometimes Clowns are sad like Crusty the Clown on the Simpsons. That Clown would do anything for attention. Other famous Clowns according to the Ministry of Clowns (true story with web site) are Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Abbott and Costello. Can you guess who else was on the Ministry of Clowns web site? This is to good to be true but Hannity’s Messiah. Rush Limbaugh. According to the Ministry and I quote.

“Rush Limbaugh has the courage of a clown to call something what it plainly is, and boldly declare that the Emperor has no clothes. While self-proclaimed journalists ignore the fact that President Obama’s hand-picked nominee to enforce the tax code is, himself a man with over ten thousand dollars in past due taxes, Rush Limbaugh points out the absurdity of the situation - “demonstrating absurdity by being absurd,” which is indeed what a true clown should do.

A true clown indeed, nobody but Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity has pointed out that Tim Geitner had a tax issue. The fact of the matter is every news agency reported about Geitners mistake. According to clowns, it is ignored if they dont remind us everyday that Geitner filed his taxes incorrectly. Almost every show to date since Geitners appointment, Hannity addresses Secratary Geitner as “Tax Cheat Geitner”. Well clowns, maybe you should address Limbaugh as “Ilegal drug user Limbaugh” every time we mention his name. Have you seen the cover of this book? ( I had a picture of Hannity in drag) maybe we should address Hannity as a “Cross Dressing Possible Homosexual” every time he is seen. I mean have you seen the female talent on Fox News its like a Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest. Thats not for Hannity, he would rather have Dick Morris and Karl Rove as nightly guests. At least O’Reilly has the local talent on. Come on clowns should we address President George W Bush as the Cocaine using Cheerleader? Of course not, those are mistakes, it doesn’t take away what a person has accomplished . By the way what did W accomplish anyway? So lets review Limbaugh is a clown. Backed by the Ministry of Clowns who go on to say.

“Likewise, people who would denigrate and marginalize Rush Limbaugh act shocked that a conservative would oppose President Obama’s massive increase in government spending and taxes. Why? Isn’t that what you would expect a political conservative to do? Is it because his audience continues to grow, while theirs continue to dwindle, or is it more than a case of sour grapes?

Wow, Bravo Ministry of Clowns who would have thought that clowns were so politically charged! Other non-clowns may contest that Limbaughs attempts at humor or clownish behavior have been irresponsible at best. But dwindling audience?...just because the fat man has 10 million crack head listeners does not make his agenda correct or relevant. If I am not mistaken the election was a near landslide. Do you all remember Britt Hume for the Fox Network when they announced the closing of the polls for Ohio on election night? five minutes later they called the State for Obama. I thought Hume had torrets he was stammering and studdering all the way to commerical. Limbaugh is an entertainer who gets paid to be outrageous. His listeners are much like the 10 to 14 year old girls who love “The Jonas Brothers” those guys could play “Danny Boy” on a Organ Grinder and sell a million CD’s. Rush in much of the same way calls the Government Communist and hopes for failure of our current President and his policies and feeds the conservative base its much needed “red meat” God, Guns and Socialism, much like the Jonas Brothers when they get a new haircut or say they are looking for a new girlfriend. But for the Ministry of Clowns to imply that we should not be shocked when a Conservative would oppose government spending is absurd, just because you say your conservative doesn’t mean you are fiscally responsible. Tell me the last Republican President who did not have huge deficits when they were in office or when they left? does anybody remember the first tarp? you know the one that Bush said must be passed or the world would end. Yeah that was on his watch, and needed to be passed because of lack of responsibility from his administration. Hannity often says Bush tried to deal with the Fannie Mae problem. Really, who did he tell about it? He certainly did not bring it to the American people, you know the ones he was supposedly working for. I mean really how many times did W address the nation? it was always after they fucked up, never before. 911, Katrina, Housing Crisis, Iraq, should I go on? But now were Socialists because tax rates for two percent of the nation is growing from 36% to 39.5%, really clowns? are we supposed to follow Hannity and Limbaugh right into the gas chamber because they are saying this is fact. I used to believe that Republicans were the party for business and ideas but it has reduced itself to the party of “God their way” and “class inequality”. The only thing shrinking in regards to Rush Limbaugh is the size of his Republican Party, and we all know something else should be shrinking on that man.

This Clown like behavior is compelling but not the reason why I wanted to write this book. I was compelled to do so after one comment from the Clown this book is named after. “Obama Recession” these words were first uttered from the Irish Gnome himself soon after the election but before the innaguration on the Hannity and Colmes show. The guest at the time was Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Hannity had enough, he could not handle the lost election. Colmes was beaming like a school girl and Huckabee was being to gracious for Hannitys liking. and then it came out. “how are we going to deal with this Obama recession governor Huckabee?” If Colmes had a drink in his mouth he would have looked like Johnny Carson after a Rickles joke. Even Huckabee was agast at the notion of an Obama Recession. But Hannity pushed on with his reasons being linked to the stock market, then in true Hannity fashion ended the segment with Colmes and Huckabees comments being squashed by a commercial break. This moment alone struck a serious cord with me. I have voted Republican my whole life up until this election. I truly believed that the rhetoric wrapped in an American Flag coming from guys like Hannity was sincere. I thought Country was more important to them then status or greed. I liken that comment “Obama Recession” To a child who brought his Baseball Bat and Ball to the park to have a game. But little Hannity did not get on the team he wanted, so he packs up his shit and goes home. This moment in Hannitys career is a keystone moment for me. which was like finding out the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real. Oh shit! that means Santa and the Easter Bunny is bullshit too. Say it isn’t so.....But it is. The Clown Car full of Political Pundits from Hannity to Limbaugh to Levin and Ingram is all bullshit. There audience is Conservative, they write the checks and henceforth they can do no wrong. But is this constructive? Should people believe that these guys are standing up for something or are they just insiting the riot? Would Hannity be happy if there was some sort of uprising over Obamas policy? Does he want a coup de ta? or does he want the American Economy to collapse so he can say he was right. I believe this guys ego would rather be right on these issues then have the economy succeed. Hell the Gnome had a poll on his website asking which type of insurection would his viewers want to have. I think the choices included Civil War and Coup. Really Sean are we there? 60 some days into the Presidencey and you want a coup...These type of comments and actions bring me back to the little boy with the ball and bat. This guy is coming off like a spoiled little brat. But is it dangerous? I have heard people parrot all of Hannitys generalities. especially the socialism angle. Somebody show me some proof of Socialism. Are we Socialist if we address Health Care? I have heard nothing of a single payer program but according to Hannity it is. Is it Socialist to address Education? Does Hannity advocate status quo but lower taxes? is that a platform? think about the last eight years. Every State of the Union from President Bush was virtually identical, but nothing was even attempted to be corrected....is that what Hannity is advocating? The Staus Quo but with more tax cuts.(that would be a sweet bumper sticker) With that being the Conservative Mantra is there any question that the country made the right choice for President. Yes, I think we choose a solid President one with promise and vision. as well as the determination to try to accomplish something in that stinking pit called Washington D.C. So I am basically writing this book to make myself feel better......

Well So much for the book......But reading this shit today makes me think I was right.....look how far the right has taken their arguments......Death Panels, Hitler signs and the like.....Anyway at least I have this Blog.....It's much cheaper then a Psychologist.

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