Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Middle East Addiction.

New Years in Iran:

As Iran's leaders continue to sanction the murder of its people. The United States powerful Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal Lobbies ready to wage war again, against the very policies that will help relieve us of our dependence on the very oil that keeps these dictatorships in power. It is my belief that the United States could help bring Democracy to the Middle East without firing a shot, by simply becoming more self sufficient in terms of Energy. The lower the price per barrel of crude oil, equals the less control Dictators such as Amhadinejad will have over his people. The higher the price per barrel of crude, equals more money to quell the wave of reform and Democracy that will stabilize the region. Those same high oil prices fund the ultra conservative clerics who build schools throughout the Middle East sponsoring the very ideology that led to the attacks of 9-11. While we spend our New Year's Eve with families and friends this year, I am hoping the United States makes a Green New Years Resolution for next year, one that sets measurable standards and mandates the inclusion of renewable resources to our energy mix, reducing our dependence on the Middle East oil that funds the people who want to do us harm. An energy plan that Congress can pass and one that President Obama will sign, A promise to my children that the leaders of our Country see the benefits of a more Energy self sufficient nation. But can our leaders see the need through the millions of dollars the Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal lobbies will inject into the battle against change? Unfortunately, change in America is almost as difficult as the Iranians struggle for more freedoms. No, The police here at home will not be running over citizens in a desperate attempt to keep power. Instead, Big Oil, Gas, and Coal will flood the airwaves with commercials and testimonials about how the American way of life will be changed by higher gas prices and a litany of other claims mouth pieced by paid for Congressmen and women. You will hear a story carefully put together by a monopolistic group that doesn't want any other players on their energy field. A group that shares the same concerns as the Dictators and Kings in the Middle East whose very existence hinges upon the Worlds addiction to their cash crop. The power play that will ensue in the upcoming year, will help shape our future economy as well as our national security and possibly the fate of many of the worlds species. If the United States can lead on Energy Technology in the upcoming decades they may be able to lead the World toward a more safe and sustainable future. However, before we can lead the World we need to lead at home with a comprehensive plan to become less dependant on non-renewable energy sources.

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