Monday, February 8, 2010

It is a Little Scary, isn't it?

A few thoughts about the clip;

This is about as Foreign Policy savvy as the "I can see Russia from my Window" statement.

Did the previous administration make War a policy decision? I thought it was an act of Congress.

Is she saying that War with Iran is the course of action she would employ? To keep us safe, or toughen up?

This is not a smart person.

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting insight into Palin's possible global view.

He writes;

Interesting, but not surprising. Palin, however, attributed this idea to Pat Buchanan. Pipes and Buchanan are not exactly buddies. My view is that, until you understand the depths of Palin's Christianism - she explicitly called for "divine intervention" in her Q and A - you can't understand her foreign policy. It's about the End-Times. And how to follow God's will.

If what Sullivan says is true, we have an intellectually dim bulb, making policy decisions, about how she deciphers the bible? I find this to be personally terrifying.

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