Sunday, February 14, 2010

Somebody Read My Blog!

Let me start by saying I change diapers for a living. I have a economic educational background, and don't pretend to be a Global Climate guru.

But these people that try to discredit Global Climate Change by pointing toward a snowstorm, or uncharacteristic weather in a specific region of the World is ridiculous.

These arguments by people like Beck, and Limbaugh who just report what information fit their Worldview is sophomoric at best, and purposefully misleading at worst.

A reader posted this comment this morning.

Snowden said...

What is the chance that YOU will discuss the record setting snow falls this winter in the U.S. and Europe, in the context of no global warming?

I would love to comment on the record snowfalls. IT IS WINTER.

As the above graph states, for every 1 record low temperature day, we are going to have 2 record highs. All this winter weather is proving, according to the last decades worth of data, is that we are going to have twice as many hot days this summer.

But that is not all Mr. Snowden, click here for this winter being the warmest in recorded satellite history.

Click here for the unthinkable, all of this heat is coming during a solar minimum.

Click here showing the last decade as being the hottest in recorded history.

As for Climate Change Deniers as a whole. You may believe the information fed to you by the likes of Exxon, Beck, Limbaugh and Inhoffe. But this is what I believe is occurring.

Put best by Andrew Lacis, who is a climate scientists at NASA.

Human-induced warming of the climate system is widespread. Anthropogenic warming of the climate system can be detected in temperature observations taken at the surface, in the troposphere and in the oceans. Multi-signal detection and attribution analyses, which quantify the contributions
of different natural and anthropogenic forcings to observed changes, show that greenhouse gas forcing alone during the past half century would likely have resulted in greater than the observed warming if there had not been an offsetting cooling effect from aerosol and other forcings. It is extremely unlikely (<5%) that the global pattern of warming during the past half century can be explained without external forcing, and very unlikely that it is due to known natural external causes alone. The warming occurred in both the ocean and the atmosphere and took place at a time when natural external forcing factors would likely have produced cooling.

Greenhouse gas forcing has very likely caused most of the observed global warming over the last 50 years. This conclusion takes into account observational and forcing uncertainty, and the possibility that the response to solar forcing could be underestimated by climate models. It is also robust to the use of different climate models, different methods for estimating the responses to external forcing and variations in the analysis technique.

Further evidence has accumulated of an anthropogenic influence on the temperature of the free atmosphere as measured by radiosondes and satellite-based instruments. The observed pattern of tropospheric warming and stratospheric cooling is very likely due to the influence of anthropogenic forcing, particularly greenhouse gases and stratospheric ozone depletion. The combination of a warming troposphere and a cooling stratosphere has likely led to an increase in the height of the tropopause. It is likely that anthropogenic forcing has contributed to the general warming observed in the upper several hundred meters of the ocean during the latter half of the 20th century. Anthropogenic forcing, resulting in thermal expansion from ocean warming and glacier mass loss, has very likely contributed to sea level rise during the latter half of the 20th century. It is difficult to quantify the contribution of anthropogenic forcing to ocean heat content increase and glacier melting with presently available detection and attribution studies.

Mr. Snowden there is my point of view on Global Climate Change.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. As you can see you are part of a very, very, small club. But thank you nonetheless.

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