Thursday, April 8, 2010

Self Proclaimed Climate Denier Blankenship, Apparently Believes Safety Regulations Are Government Lies as Well.

Rolling Stone listed Don Blankenship as one of 17 "Climate Killers" which consists of polluters and deniers hell bent on derailing the efforts to mitigate Global Climate Change.

Rolling Stone wrote Jan 6, 2010.

The country's highest-paid coal executive, Blankenship is a villain ripped straight from the comic books: a jowly, mustache-sporting, union-busting coal baron who uses his fortune to bend politics to his will. He recently financed a $3.5 million campaign to oust a state Supreme Court justice who frequently ruled against his company, and he hung out on the French Riviera with another judge who was weighing an appeal by Massey. "Don Blankenship would actually be less powerful if he were in elected office," Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia once observed. "He would be twice as accountable and half as feared."

Fast Forward to now. Don Blankenship is CEO of Massey which owns the Mine in West Virginia where 25 miners were killed in an accident from a Methane explosion.

Rolling Stone writes today.

News of the nation’s worst coal-mining disaster in a quarter century — a methane explosion that killed at least 25 miners in West Virginia — has been accompanied by revelations that the mine in question, belonging to a subsidiary of Massey Energy, has an egregious safety record.

57 times in the last month, the mine was cited for safety violations — including for failing to properly ventilate explosive methane.

It seems this was less an accident than an accident waiting to happen.

It seems obvious to me, that the "bottom line" is all that Blakenship and Massey Energy care about. From Safety to Global Climate Change nothing is truth except the profit margin, external costs be damned.

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