Saturday, April 24, 2010

How about a Green Tea Party?

I have written on a number of occasions I believe the Tea Party is nothing new. In fact, they are the same 20% of the Country who hate everything Government, but really hate Liberal Governments. They almost always vote GOP, but really don't stand for anything but a slogan. Which reads something like this.

"Less Government, Less Taxes, Cut The Budget."

Which really is funny if you think about it.

Until the Tea Party proposes cuts in Medicare, along with means-testing for Social Security, a raising of the retirement age, along with thoughtful and meaningful cuts in Defense Spending. I can't take them seriously, and either should you.

How do we get smaller deficits and less Government unless these tough subjects are dealt with?

While the Tea Party keeps making noise. Thomas Friedman has a proposition for them.

He writes.

Become the Green Tea Party.

I’d be happy to design the T-shirt logo and write the manifesto. The logo is easy. It would show young Americans throwing barrels of oil imported from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia into Boston Harbor.

The manifesto is easy, too: “We, the Green Tea Party, believe that the most effective way to advance America’s national security and economic vitality would be to impose a $10 “Patriot Fee” on every barrel of imported oil, with all proceeds going to pay down our national debt.”

I like Friedman because he is a dreamer. Give his article a read, it is well worth it.

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